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I have always been someone who really loves to get out there and enjoy time with other people, which is why I started becoming more and more involved in outdoor activities. Unfortunately, a few months ago I was left with a debilitating injury that I knew I had to resolve, and so I met with my medical care provider. He told me that I had been living with a stress fracture, and I knew that I had to have surgery to get it fixed. During my recovery, I decided to create a blog all about health and medical topics to help other people just like me. Check it out.



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Ways to Prevent Bruising When You Go Through Chemotherapy

One issue that you can commonly experience when you're receiving chemotherapy is that your body will bruise more easily. A simple bump on your arm, for example, may turn into a large purple bruise that takes a long time to go away. Even though bruising isn't typically dangerous, it's an undesirable side effect that you likely wish to avoid. Once you begin cancer treatment, it's a good idea to take several precautions to lessen the risk of dealing with this side effect. Here are some suggestions that you can employ.

Communicate with Those Around You

People may associate hair loss with chemotherapy, but won't necessarily know about the elevated ease with which you can bruise. As such, it's important to relay this message to those around you so that people don't inadvertently bruise you. For example, if you have a child who enjoys horseplay, he or she needs to know not to jump on you or push against you—even in a fun and playful manner, such actions can lead to bruising. Similarly, you don't want to get a bruise from a family member giving you a loving squeeze on your shoulder or arm.

Make Your House Safer

There are plenty of obstacles around the house that could heighten your risk of bruising, so you'll want to make some changes. A big task is to reduce clutter and things that might increase your risk of tripping and falling. For example, if the floor of your home has a lot of things on it, each of these items can get in your way and cause you to stumble. Generally, a room that is on the emptier side will present less of a risk for falling. Even a task such as installing grab bars in the bathroom can be valuable, as they'll reduce the risk of you slipping and falling in the tub and getting bruised.

Avoid Risky Activities

Chemotherapy patients will often feel tired, nauseous, and be dealing with other unpleasant side effects that can limit their desire to be overly active. However, chemotherapy affects people differently, and if you're feeling good enough that you want to get out of the house and do something, make sure that it's not an activity that could increase your risk of bruising. For example, the idea of riding your bicycle might be appealing, but if you were to fall, you'd be badly bruised. The same goes for a winter activity such as ice skating.