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I have always been someone who really loves to get out there and enjoy time with other people, which is why I started becoming more and more involved in outdoor activities. Unfortunately, a few months ago I was left with a debilitating injury that I knew I had to resolve, and so I met with my medical care provider. He told me that I had been living with a stress fracture, and I knew that I had to have surgery to get it fixed. During my recovery, I decided to create a blog all about health and medical topics to help other people just like me. Check it out.



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Travel-Related Considerations For New Medical Marijuana Users

Becoming a new user of medical marijuana requires you to think about a number of different topics, including how you travel. Regardless of the medical condition for which your doctor has prescribed medical marijuana, he or she will talk to you about how you need to manage your use of this substance, and that includes how you make your travel plans. If you have any questions, it's important to ask your physician in a timely manner so that you don't end up making a costly mistake. Here are three travel-related considerations that new medical marijuana users will need to know.

Avoid Driving After Using

You know to avoid getting behind the wheel of your car if you've been drinking alcohol, but you might overlook the importance of staying out of the driver's seat after using your medical marijuana. While this substance has numerous medicinal benefits for those who need it, it can also affect your body in a manner such that you shouldn't be driving. Don't make the mistake of taking some medical marijuana before you need to drive somewhere. After using, you should always have someone sober who can take you where you need to go.

Be Smart About Where You Go

Having a prescription for medical cannabis means that you can legally possess this drug, but you need to know that drug laws in adjacent states might not be the same as in your home state. If you're taking a short trip, perhaps to go shopping or visit family, you may be tempted to travel with your medical marijuana. However, transporting the drug across state lines into a state that has different marijuana laws could quickly land you in trouble with the law. You should always carefully research state laws in advance of planning to travel.

Carry The Marijuana Correctly

If you plan to travel with your medical marijuana within your state, you need to do so properly. This means that you should not only keep the marijuana in its proper container, but you should always have your prescription information with the marijuana. A police officer who may stop you for speeding or some other infraction may be concerned about seeing signs of marijuana in your vehicle, especially if you've placed it outside of its prescription container and don't have your prescription information with you. Carrying the drug properly will save you the stress and hassle of such issues if you happen to be stopped.