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I have always been someone who really loves to get out there and enjoy time with other people, which is why I started becoming more and more involved in outdoor activities. Unfortunately, a few months ago I was left with a debilitating injury that I knew I had to resolve, and so I met with my medical care provider. He told me that I had been living with a stress fracture, and I knew that I had to have surgery to get it fixed. During my recovery, I decided to create a blog all about health and medical topics to help other people just like me. Check it out.



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Some Important Things To Know About Allergies

Allergies are incredibly common. There are many people who have allergies but don't know that is what is causing the discomfort, and so they live with the negative side effects of allergies for far too long. Luckily, there are simple tests for allergies, and you can easily get the test if you know what to look for. Here are some things that you need to know about allergies.

What Are The Symptoms of Allergies?

The first thing you need to do is educate yourself about what allergies look like. They can present themselves in different ways for different people, and they can differ in their severity for each person. Some of the more common symptoms are watery eyes, runny nose, itchy skin, and even vomiting when you come into contact with the allergen. This is especially common if your allergies are environmental and in the air. Each time you come in contact and smell the allergen, you should expect your eyes to itch, your skin to become irritated, and your nose to start watering.

Some of the other symptoms that you should be looking for are itchy throat, trouble breathing, and even a feeling of doom and irritability. If you have a food allergy, you are likely to have these symptoms. You should also know that young children many not be able to tell you how they feel, and so they might become grouchy, cry a lot, or overall irritable. This could actually be a sign of allergies.

How Do You Know You Have Allergies?

There are a couple things you should know about allergies and testing. First, there are many different kinds of tests and each one will test for a different kind of immunity. For example, one of the most common is allergy skin testing. This scratch testing is helpful because it will show you how your body responds with igE, which is what was recently discussed. These are usually environmental allergies. You can get a blood test, which will show igA and igG antibodies, and which can detect food allergies and things like celiac disease and other autoimmune diseases. Talk to your doctor about what will be the right test for you given your symptoms. In many cases, they will do tests for all three of these antibodies to get a full picture of how your body is responding to allergens.

These are just a couple things you need to know about allergic reactions.