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3 Summer Maintenance Tips For Your Hearing Aid

Hearing loss can have a negative effect on your social and professional lives. A hearing aid can help restore your lost hearing and make it possible to fully engage in life once again. The summer months can pose a threat to the function of your hearing aids.

Extra care and caution should be utilized during the warm summer months to ensure that your hearing aid stays fully functional and ready to help enhance your hearing in the future.

1. Use your dryer on a regular basis.

For many people, summer is synonymous with an increase in humidity levels. Moisture poses a real threat to the function of your hearing aid. Any moisture that collects within the hearing aid can damage delicate electronic components, rendering your hearing aid useless.

Ask your doctor about a hearing aid dryer. These dryers allow you to eliminate any moisture caused by humidity in the air from the interior of your hearing aid. Using a dryer on a regular basis will preserve the life of your hearing aid.

2. Always wear a hat.

It's important that you wear a hat when you are spending time outdoors. Summer is accompanied by an increase in outdoor activities for most people. The direct sunlight that characterizes a summer day can be detrimental to your hearing aid.

The plastic casing and glue that holds your hearing aid together can become warped when exposed to the heat generated by direct sunlight. Wearing a hat will protect your hearing aid from the harmful effects of the sun, and help you avoid a sunburn as well.

3. Keep your hearing aid clean.

Cleaning is an essential part of any hearing aid maintenance program. Regular cleaning becomes even more important during the summer months. The increase in humidity and temperature during the summer creates a breeding ground for bacteria.

Be sure that you are using an anti-microbial cleaning product designed specifically for hearing aids to remove any harmful microbes from the surface of your hearing aid. You can also use a needle to gently remove any wax residue that has built up in the plastic tubing of your hearing aid. Regular cleaning will extend the life of your hearing aid and help ensure proper performance throughout the summer months.

Summer is an exciting time for many people, but it can be a dangerous season for your hearing aid. Invest the time and attention required to protect your hearing aid from the harmful effects of summer weather. For more information, contact a doctor like Mark Montgomery MD FACS.