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I have always been someone who really loves to get out there and enjoy time with other people, which is why I started becoming more and more involved in outdoor activities. Unfortunately, a few months ago I was left with a debilitating injury that I knew I had to resolve, and so I met with my medical care provider. He told me that I had been living with a stress fracture, and I knew that I had to have surgery to get it fixed. During my recovery, I decided to create a blog all about health and medical topics to help other people just like me. Check it out.


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Hair Restoration Options That Don't Involve Surgery

Do you wish your hair was thicker or fuller, but feel apprehensive about surgery to transplant hair? You're not alone. A lot of people struggle with hair loss, but many of them draw the line at going under the knife for their hair. Luckily, there are other options. Here are some hair restoration options that don't involve incisions or surgery.

PRP Injections

PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma. This is basically plasma that is extracted from your own bloodstream and enriched with your own platelets, along with certain proteins. The PRP is then injected into your scalp. Once in the scalp tissue, the substances stimulate the growth and development of new hair. 

PRP injections are very safe and have long been used for many ailments, from joint injuries to wrinkles. After all, they use your own body material, so there is virtually no chance of a poor reaction to the plasma. The injections may pinch a bit, and your scalp may be a little sore for a day or two afterward, but you should not experience any serious pain.

These injections are quite effective, too. You should start to notice some new hair growth after just one round of injections. However, most people need several rounds of PRP injections to achieve the level of hair regrowth that they desire.

Low-Level Laser Treatments

Another option for hair regrowth is laser treatments. Your practitioner will use a very mild, low-powered laser to stimulate the skin in the area where your hair is thinning. You may feel some warmth and perhaps a little stinging as the laser works, but it should not be too uncomfortable. 

These laser treatments do not yield instant results, but you should start to notice increased hair growth within a few weeks. Many people need more than one treatment to get the results they desire; however, as time goes on, you can just have the areas that need it most re-treated. For example, if your hair grows thicker in most places but you still have a few thin patches, only those thin patches need to be re-treated with a laser.

If you wish to undergo surgical hair transplants, they can be a very effective way to battle hair loss. However, there are alternatives for people who don't want to go under the knife. Look into PRP injections and low-level laser treatments, and talk to your doctor about these options.

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