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FAQs About Laser Hair Removal For Men

Can men get laser hair removal? This popular medical spa and dermatologist office service isn't just for women who want a hair-free bikini line or fuzz-less upper lip. If you have unwanted facial or body hair, take a look at what men need to know about laser treatment options.

What Is A Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

This type of minimally-invasive cosmetic treatment removes unwanted hair from the face or the body with, as the name implies, a laser. Instead of a razor or wax, the laser procedure uses light and heat to eliminate hair. The pigment in each hair absorbs light from the laser. This is converted into hair-damaging heat. Not only does the heat eliminate the hair, it also damages the follicle. This slows or may even stop future hair growth.

Is This Procedure Popular With Men?

Men account for more than 757,808 of the laser hair treatments done in 2020. This makes laser treatment the fifth most popular minimally-invasive cosmetic procedure of that year among men in America.

What Areas Can A Laser Treat?

Your wife, girlfriend, sister, or best female friend gets her bikini line lasered—and you can, too. But that's not the only body area to use laser treatment on. Popular male laser hair removal treatment areas include the chest, back, neck, shoulders, chin, and eyebrows.

Why Choose This Type of Hair Removal?

You already shave daily and maybe you even wax once every few weeks. Why try a laser service? Unlike shaving and waxing, a laser procedure isn't something that you need to do often. While one treatment won't completely stop hair growth, it will help to reduce the amount of hair that grows and can leave you with finer, lighter facial or body hair.

After a few laser sessions (over time), you may notice a total reduction in hair growth. This makes laser treatments a semi-permanent or permanent treatment option that eliminates the need to spend time shaving, tweezing, plucking, or waxing your hair. Instead, it gives you a fresh, clean look and smooth skin 24-7 with minimal effort.

Along with the time factor and permanence of laser treatments, this hair removal option can make shaving-related skin irritations a thing of the past. If your middle-of-the-brow area breaks out every time you wax your unibrow, your back gets red spots from shaving, or your razor burns your neck, laser treatment is an ideal alternative.

For more information, reach out to a laser hair removal clinic, such as Mountain West Aesthetics, near you.